governors ball 2017

visual walkthrough of my experience of governors ball 2017 in new york city, new york. shot through a 35mm film camera.  

day 0

my buddy sam flew in from melbourne, australia to meet up with me for gov. ball. i snapped this photo at the airport when he came through the gate. it was his first time in america. his face says it all. 

uber everywhere. 

sam set up a shrine in the room. setting the mood for the weekend. 

some burger joint by the hotel. gov ball tomorrow. 

day 1

remember this image. 



ty dolla sign showed up. 

day 1 over. 

day 2 begin. 


asap ferg.

hype af.

cant hang. 

in donald we trust. 

its time. 

thanks donald. 

"you want something signed?" - fam

end day 2. 

day 3.

a late lunch before a quick and easy last day. 

mac demarco on a rainy day. fitting. 

thank you gov ball and thanks new york. i'll be back in july. 

misc. shots from nyc. 

these things were fucking good. 


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